The Great Big Art Exhibition 2021

GAP are taking part in the worlds largest art exhibition to showcase their work and talents.

Artworks will be displayed in peoples windows, balconies, gardens, etc, a photo is taken then uploaded to the social media sites for all to see. As art galleries and museums are presently closed due to COVID 19, using our homes and a camera is the safest and only way to view artwork created by people of all ages and from all walks of life. We, GAP are taking part as a collaboration but participants are encouraged to take part independently if they wish to.

For more information and to see our work, go to the website or hashtag below.

#thegreatbigartexhibition2021 is the hashtag for all social media art work that will be uploaded on Facebook and Instagram

Theme 1 – Animals 1st – 5th March

Theme 2 – Portraits 8th – 12th March

Theme 3 – Colour 15th – 19th March

Theme 4 – Humour 22nd – 26th March


The Great Big Art Exhibition
The Great Art Exhibition Fimo
The Great Art Exhibition Fimo